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Ideas On How To Choose a Minimal or Zero maintenance decking Product.

We’re going to look at just how todecide on a decking product that is appropriatefor your application. We will work through thelevels of composite decking and after that provide you some suggestions of where to proceed next.

Let’s begin by having anoutline of what we mean by a ‘no maintenance deck’.Cleaning is not really deemed maintenance when we look at brick pavers, as an example. This is actually the very same with regard to decks if you want it thoroughly clean you get out there using your broom and brush leaves orsoil off – only when you want to. A no maintenance deck is one where staining orsealing or perhaps stripping the actual sealant or sanding back or reapplying thesealant on a regular schedule is not required.  Almost all normal timbers require this process to have the most life out of them. Some natural timbers require it more frequently than others. Even up to every 3 months in some cases andcircumstances.

If we aren’t interested or devoted to doing this then we can easily move to the new materials known as composite decking, plastic decking, WPC (wood plastic decking) or simply PVC decking. 

We categorize the modern composite decking in 3 levels. Level 1 budget friendly to Level 3 top of the range. Let us go through the levels:

Level 1 – normally a mix of polyethylene plastic, like the type we use for plastic milkcontainers, as well as soft wood fibres or even rice husks, depending on the producer. These are generally decent products in the way theyachieve the ‘no maintenance’ standard in decking. They often feature a ten year manufacturer’s guaranteewhich assures the product do not warp,distort or even rot, termite resistant, no painting, sealing or sanding.

Level 2 – ordinarily a mixture of polypropylene plastic, like in our personal computer cases, and reclaimed or reusedhardwood fibers. These aremuch better composite decking materials with up to twenty-five yearwarranties. More fade and scatch proofcompared to level 1. Remember mostdecking materials scuff and care needs to be taken. As an example placing soft patches beneath your outdoor furnishings and lifting rather than dragging. 

Level 2.5 – capped composites. The actual core of these contain the lower level materials just to save money and then wrap them in a high levelmaterials for longevity and performance. This is a great level to find ideal materials.

Level 3 – 100% Pvc decking. Even though we all stilllabel these products composite they contain zero timber.Timber is the weak spot and these decking products that do not contain any are the most effective of the best, prime quality. Highly scuff and fade immune. And oneproduct by TimberTech: XLM has passed the bushfire test in Australia. In thisrange, the Desert Bronze color in my opinion is the most authentic composite decking on the market.

So since you will find there is no maintenance decking materials out there which are good, better, great and thebest. I think you’ll discover that specific one whichyou prefer the very best.

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