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Types of Dolls

The existence of dolls has dated almost since the beginning of modern humans. Remains of past civilizations show that young girls fancied dolls and are still valued by children and other collectors. Dolls of today are not only used as playthings but also have practical value to hospitals and serve as art models. There are different types of dolls and these have different uses and appearance. You can see fairy dolls that are currently available.

Bisque Doll
Bisque dolls are made of porcelain. Bisque dolls are wholly made up of bisque porcelain and others have only their heads made up of porcelain. What greatly sets this doll apart from other dolls is its realistic, skin-like matte finish. These dolls were commonly manufactured by French and German manufacturers. A lot of these dolls are worth thousands and are considered collectible items.

Bisque dolls were manufactured as toys for children and a lot of these dolls resemble a grown up lady, but later on more child-like dolls were presented in the market. These dolls are usually fashioned with the latest trend. They can be dressed with different clothing.

China doll
These dolls are made up of partially or wholly of glazed porcelain. The doll was named specifically because the material it was made of was from China. There are people that refer to the China doll as bisque dolls but these are in fact different dolls. The main difference between them is that China dolls are made up of glazed porcelain while bisque dolls have a skin-like matte finish.

China dolls are usually dolls with a glazed porcelain head, with painted, molded hair and its body made up of cloth or leather. China dolls are now treated as antique dolls and were usually produced by German manufacturers. These dolls are mostly collectors’ items and can get expensive. Find out more about living dead doll here to add to your collection.

Paper doll
Paper dolls are simply made up of paper. Its clothes are separate paper pieces and usually held on by folding tabs. Paper dolls are easy to travel with and are low-cost dolls for young children. Today, paper dolls have been turned by artists into an art form. Paper dolls have been used in advertising, found in magazines and newspapers. There are also vintage paper dolls that have become collectibles.

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