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The Huge Demand For Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears form one of the more well-liked toys cherished by adults and children equally. Cute and cuddly, they are designed to appear like original baby bears, having protruding snouts and little brown eyes like beads that give an adorably naive appearance. They’re so unanimously liked by folks across all ages and cultures, that they may be gifted to a one year old toddler for his or her birthday and even to a couple as a marriage gift symbolizing the future tenderness and devotion of their future wedded life.

The origin of teddy bears has a rather interesting past. It’s named after the previous America President Theodore Roosevelt who had this nickname. At one time Andrew H. Longino, Governor of Mississippi asked Roosevelt to a hunting competition. It turned out a difficult competitive among very seasoned sportsman, the majority of whom would faultlessly aim at wildlife. Wishing to save Roosevelt’s standing when he could not make game of any target, a few of his attendants designed a stuffed bear and bound it to a plant. Roosevelt declined to shoot it himself for that would be cowardly. Nonetheless he got it shot to save himself from shame. This evolved into a topic of political cartooning and graphics with a group of cartoonists producing drawings of these bears which started to be called as Roosevelt bears. The idea evolved into such a mania amongst ladies and children that Roosevelt in good hilarity made a decision to allow it to be his mascot for the following election.

Cherished Teddies
rapidly became a profitable business product and a host of businesses across America and Europe produced them on a large scale. Rapidly China and Indonesia started to be leading suppliers too. The market demand for teddy bears has always been regular since then. During the early years, they were usually manufactured from natural fur like goat fur or alpaca fur. Eventually a variety of imitation fibers replaced them giving them a very fluffy feel and a cuddly look and feel. At present many recycled substances are employed for cushioning teddy bears. Also, they are daintily dressed and decked up with frills, laces and bows to make them look more desirable. These days a few designers and esteemed brands are even developing the idea of individualized and tailor-made teddy bears. They are created with particular events, seasons or festivals in mind and thus increasing their appeal as presents. Infant teddy bears, boys teddy bears, females teddy bear, santa teddy bears, winter teddy bears, wedding teddy bears, music teddy bears, sleeping teddy bears, the options are numerous.

Teddy bears were at first conceived in brown fur, but little by little they came to be produced in various other colors like dark brown, gray, charcoal, orange, crimson, sky blue and much more. Dark brown Teddy was particularly popular due to the similarity of the fur coloration to the original animals. One can choose from a sweeping range of dimensions, from truly giant types, man size or even larger to little kinds. You can also purchase them on the web by browsing through the display of a number of well-known brands. With its alluring and lovable appeal, gifting teddy bears is definitely an excellent method to treat your loved ones.

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