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Provo Craft Cuttlebug Might Be a Far Better Bug Than The Cricut

As Provo Craft is among the pioneers of the scrapbooking market, many crafters only know of the Cricut Digital machine. But in 2006 they came out with one more bug that was making some various sounds, which was called the Cuttlebug Die Cutter and Embosser. This post takes a look in the other side of the firm ProvoCraft that often scrapbookers neglect and could not know a lot about. In case you have ever considered a a lot more hands on strategy to generating a scrapbook page or greeting card for friends and family, this manual machine really should also be an alternative and well worth the expense.   


The Provo Craft Cuttlebug machine is classified as a diecut roller machine, probably the most durable kind of diecut machines on the market. The machine comes with every thing to setup your new crafting station. It was released in November of 2006 and has hit the crafting community by storm. The Cuttlebug combines modern engineering and usability having a compact fold in shop profile system.  The tool comes having a spacer block, two 7-3/4-by-6-inch cutting pads, thin die adapter, user manual, along with a hand-crank take care of, too as a hex important tool, screw, and plastic cap for handle installation. The hand-crank rolls the materials by way of the machine to the opposite tray, cutting or impressing pictures. Then together with the suction system it sticks to flat surfaces to stop slippage even though cutting. Equipped with an integrated pop-up handle for straightforward machine transportation and portability with its fold-up trays for compact storage makes this a crafters dream. There are no buttons to push or application to configure. Just lower the platforms, grab your plates, and you are prepared to go.


The machine functions with a selection of Provo Craft cutting dies and embossing folders, accessible for separate acquire via numerous retailers. And will work with many other manufacturers’ thin dies and steel rule dies for better flexibility and versatility. So no need to discard any other leading brand die-cuts you might already have. The embossing dies are wonderful and they do not need that significantly pressure from this machine to give you a crisp image. Cut a form, emboss a form, or cut then emboss shapes using the inspired styles accessible. Then there is the emboss plus. With these there exists no want to have extra dies, mats, or particular cutting plates with these embossing folders. They will allow you to Cut, Emboss, and Deboss with A single single die. Final but not least are the regular die cuts along with your favorite Disney characters that open up all types of fantasies for creations. These are just a few of numerous that Provo Craft provides.

In conclusion though the cricut digital machine is certainly just about the most well-known machines available. A crafter should also think about the Cuttlebug machine. With its value, easiness of use, and portability. The only real real complaint this machine gets is why you’ll find not a lot more dies for it. This tool will be the perfect addition any crafter wanting the hands on feeling of scrapbooking at an cost-effective price. It is going to permit you to cut and emboss shapes from many inspired die designs. This really is an outstanding item for scrapbooking with affordable dies to purchase.  The machine and inspired die-cut designs exclusive to the Cuttlebug system are as fun as they may be straightforward to use. So is the Cuttlebug actually far better compared to the Cricut? I suppose that depends upon who you ask. But as far as the firm is concerned I’d prefer to assume they are pleased with what ever the end user chooses.







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