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Claude Monet – A Revolutionary Artist

Claude Monet or Oscar-Claude Monet, is a famous artist, born on November 14, 1840 in Paris. He’s called the founder of French Impressionist painting. Claude Monet undergone entrance in the Le Havre Secondary of the Arts on April 01, 1851. Here he received recognition for his Charcoal Caricatures. The artist took his fundamental drawing lessons from Jacques-Francois Ochard. Museum quality handmade oil painting reproductions of famous painters can be unusual gift for any man or woman that you would like to astonish. It does not actually make a difference if the person you’re trying to find original gift for is young or mature because paintings are ageless present that never gets old. This kind of elite gift will remind about you for many years.

Monet stayed in Paris for several years.Here he met a number of painters, who went on to become his associates and fellow impressionists. In June 1861, he joined the 1st Regiment of African Light Cavalry in Algeria. Yet, during his term here, Claude was detected of Typhoid, then his aunt pushed him to leave the Cavalry and sign up for an art course. Upset by the conventional, mundane art taught at art universities, the painter became the scholar of Charles Gleyre in Paris, in the year 1862. Here he also met Pierre-August Renoir, Frederic Bazille, and Alfred Sisley, who explored new approaches to art. They painted the effects of light by using broken and swift brushstrokes.

This particular expression of art eventually was referred to as Impressionism. In 1856, Claude Monet’s painting, “The Woman in the Green Dress (La Femme à la Robe Verte),” attained a great deal of fame. The art work just like his several works, featured his future wife Camille Doncieux. He and Camille got together on June 28, 1870. Right after, Claude painted impression, “Sunrise”.

In early 1880s, Monet painted various panoramas and seascapes. One of the most worst incidents in his life was when his wife became unwell with Tuberculosis in 1876 when she was currently pregnant with her second child.She died on September 05, 1979. Heartbroken and despondent Monet begun to produce paintings, that have been acknowledged as the very best works of art of 19th century.

Claude Monet left a crucial mark on French and international art world which continues to be strong even now. Monet made several key series of paintings in both his native France and also abroad in UK, where he is popular for a number of works of panoramas along the London Thames riverside, and also some in Italy.

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