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Rumage Sales for Craft Supplies

It is that time of year again &ndash among my top picks &ndash yard sale season!  I have discovered an incredible level of fun and intensely affordable crafting supplies at yard, rummage and garage sales.  Many of the things I’ve discovered include brads, scrapbook paper, ribbon, plastic stamps, stickers, and even a Cricut and Cricut cartridges! 

Oh, as well as the fabric.  I’m what is important to call a fabricholic.  I like fabric.  I have a whole dresser brimming with fabric from rummage sales!  Fabric is very expensive with the fabric or craft store.  But people sell fabric very inexpensively at these sales.  I have gotten boxes filled with fabric for as little as $3.00 and $5.00!  Amazing!

I enjoy making mini scrapbooks, fabric books and journals and altered books.  I’ve found a great deal stuff for these at garage sales.  Things like wallpaper sample books, postage stamp collections, beer coasters, doilies, shipping tags, written music, old books, old day planners (perfect for journaling spots), magazines (for collage), tickets, old postcards, paints of all, and so on.  You can check out Red Debs Etsy shop to see a number of the kinds of things that could be made from garage sale supplies.

A few tips on shopping garage sales for craft supplies is to start early &ndash although not to soon.  Respect the seller&rsquos starting some time to don&rsquot come prior to when that.  But make it happen as quickly as possible as the positive things goes quickly.  We usually start at 8:00 and by 10:00 you can already tell how the positive things is beginning to dwindle.  By noon it&rsquos completely over with the exception of the dredges.  Feature cash.  I try to have small bills of $1.00 and $5.00, as well as some quarters.  I simply feel awkward offering somebody 50 cents for something and after that asking them whether they have change for a $10.00!  I aim to have 50 cents to provide them if that is some tips i want it for.  And constantly offer below they’re asking.  Count on me &ndash they require that you.  Very rarely do you want to get refused.

Fill up all summer hitting as numerous sales since you can to handle you through the winter months months when there aren’t any yard sales to visit.  Then you can certainly work and craft away.

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