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Tim Tebow is reportedly dating certainly one of Joe Jonas’ exes, but his new girlfriend isn’t Taylor Swift.
Instead the brand new York Jets backup quarterback continues to be related to brunette beauty Camilla Belle. Some 50 Shades of Grey fans might be upset with this news&mdashCamilla would be a favorite for your role of student sex slave Anastasia Steele, and there’s no way that super-conservative Tebow will allow her to star in the movie about a girl losing her virginity just before married. He’s probably the only virgin in the NFL and is also saving himself for marriage as a result of his beliefs.

The Brand New York Jets quarterbacks use a penchant for attracting the eye of celebrities. Mark Sanchez has become linked to supermodel Kate Upton and actress Longoria And Tony Parker meet your sweet review

, and there are rumors that Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Olympian Lolo Jones (who can be another virgin) have got all expressed a desire for Tim Tebow.

If Taylor will use a thing for Tebow, she’s not very happy to hear that his new girlfriend is Camilla Belle. Since Taylor and Conor Kennedy have named it quits, the nation crooner might have tried to pursue Tebow. If Taylor did have her eye around the QB, it wouldn’t be the first time that Camilla stole a male from her&mdashJoe Jonas dumped Taylor thus far the dark-haired actress. So perhaps Taylor could easily get revenge by stealing Tim from Camilla. Not to mention she could then write a song regarding it.

Unfortunately it might be a hardship on Taylor to accomplish this since Tim and Camilla are most often pretty happy together. Based on TMZ, they recently went on a fun bowling date at Latitude 30 in Jacksonville, Florida. These were reportedly “overly affectionate” and kept touching and holding hands. Sources close to Camilla point out that both the lovebirds are a product.

Tebow is a much better fit for Belle than her old Jonas Brothers boyfriend&mdashshe and Joe looked too much like they could be brother and sister.

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