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Your Sod Has Character. What Lawn Type Do You Favor?

If you’re looking for a golf course sod, sports field sod, or sod for your very own lawn, there are many types of sod available to you.  Not every sod is the same, so apart from your basic questions concerning the costs of sod, or “where can I buy sod”, you are additionally presented with the question “which kind of grass will you be after”?  The type of sod that you choose will determine the look of the grass, its upkeep element, and nutritional requirements.  If you are not well-versed in the varieties of sod offered, have no fear. Sod Atlanta is a grass supplier that knows each lawn need.   Here are various varieties of sod you can decide on:

Zeon Zoysia
Zeon Zoysia the kind of sod which is both low maintenance and yet delivers the “wow” factor.  Zeon Zoysia, which is a thin-bladed, dark green grass plant, features a small thatch build-up so you won’t have to continually aerate the sod to take advantage of its attractiveness. This type of sod also provides a higher insect and disease resistance.  Zeon is the perfect sod designed for lawns, golf course fairways and golf tees.

Rebel Supreme Fescue
Fescue grasses give out a medium-coarse, dark green grass that features a wonderful ability to tolerate cold and shade.  Rebel branded fescue sod seeds supply drought-resistant and color retaining grass blades over the fall and spring seasons. Fescue sod is the most suitable sod choice for both residential and commercial locations. 

TifBlair Centipede
TifBlair sod can offer a durable blade but with a spring green color for your landscapes.  It’s the least work required sod you can get and it is extremely cold tolerant. Regrettably, it doesn’t have a very good shade threshold so choose an area that will get plenty of daylight for this type of sod.  Also, centipede sod features a gradual vertical growth cycle with an aggressive horizontal growth spurt. So, that means this grass is likely to be fully thatched, weed-free, and will need rare mowing.

T10 Bermuda
T10 Bermuda sod is a medium to coarse blade turf grass that has a saturated green-bluish coloration.  This sod has got a gradual vertical rate of growth so it is regarded as low maintenance. Once more, it’s similar to the centipede grass type and needs rare mowing and trimming. The beauty of Bermuda grass is that it will withstand cold weather without dying. Meaning it would get by and flourish right after snowy elements during winter.  Bermuda grass would be the grass option for maintenance administrators of recreational areas, sports fields and golf course roughs. Many maintenance managers purchase this type of wholesale Bermuda.

TifSport Bermuda
TifSport Bermuda sod features a supreme drought and sickness resistance, and it has outstanding durability, therefore it is the right sod for continuous usage. Heavy sod usage usually refers to young children running on the grass, populated bits that endure high traffic and objects being hit from the grass tips. Therefore, it’s a favorite selection for sports fields, golf courses, and standard landscaping.  TifSport Bermuda requires plenty of sun rays to do well, however it doesn’t need a lot of fertilizers and added nutrients.  It happens to be a favorite for residential contractors and commercial builders since it may be put down during winter and is certain to start rooting in the springtime. It’s the sort of grass that could stand up to lots of action and quite a few times, you’ll come across this sod for sale in nearby nurseries and local sod farms.

Tifway 419
This particular sod, Tifway 419, is a fine bladed, medium to dark green turf grass that is perfect for both sports fields and lawns.  This type of sod makes a compact turf that will withstand significant usage, but it’s considered higher maintenance simply because it expands quickly. 

Meyer Zoysia
This sod is a medium bladed zoysiagrass that develops into a thick, cold-tolerant grass with a low to medium maintenance routine, and it is a prime selection of sod for medium shady areas in commercial or residential garden spots.

Jamur Zoysia
This medium textured zoysiagrass has a natural radiant blue-green tone.  It creates a lavish and thick grass that is very tolerant of high wear and can conform to both complete sun and also medium shade regions.  This sod has a high insect and disease tolerance and is suitable for your landscaping endeavours.

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