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Florida Jets with SKS Video Highlights


Our buddy  ScottStauffer shares some of a movement from a 2013 Florida Jets eventuality hold in Lakeland, Florida. Model Airplane News writer Rich Uravitch was also on palm holding photos and sharpened video interviews during this extraordinary all-jet aircraft extravaganza!


We also have extraordinary movement and tighten adult photography from Ace Camera Guy David Hart. Check out a eventuality coverage in a arriving Jul 2013 emanate of Model Airplane News!

Gallery FJ

dsc_0001 dsc_0029 dsc_0040 dsc_0055 dsc_0057 dsc_0067 dsc_0083 dsc_0088 dsc_0104 dsc_0111 dsc_0130 dsc_4581 dsc_4844 dsc_5114 dsc_5342 dsc_5526 dsc_5935 dsc_6586

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