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Road to Top Gun: G-Model Messerschmitt–Update!

Update: Well, a post moody report reads that P.J. Ash’s new scale plane was offset ideally and a Desert Aircraft DA 85 engine is some-more than adequate energy for Messerschmitt. P.J Reports:


“I’m contrast a new Bold 26×10 column from FTE and a operative really well.  The initial moody had a few things come lax such as a engine!!  But some Thread Locker  and a second set of bolts bound that problem.  Overall, I’m really happy with a opening of a BF-109, though usually as aircraft are famous for, we have to stay on a power during landing.  I move a craft in on about 1/3rd energy until it is about a feet off a ground. we afterwards cut a energy for touchdown.  The rudder is most some-more effective than we suspicion it would be.  At this point, a craft is packaged and prepared for Top Gun!”



Original Posting


Famous for his Warbird Alley “Lounge and BBQ” underneath the  tents on a Top Gun Flightline, P.J. Ash is good on his approach to completing his new Meister Platinum 109 kit. He has comparison to imitate a illustration a initial Messerschmitt BF-109G flown by German WW2 Ace of Aces, Eric Hartmann .


The craft has a fiberglass fuselage and this is a initial Meister Scale pack to be constructed with an all-wood built-up wing, (the strange pattern was a PCM pack that used froth wing cores.)  The Bf-109G has a 100 in. camber and is 91 inches long. It is powered by a Desert Aircraft DA 85cc engine, and a retracts are from Sierra Giant. P.J. is regulating a JR 12X 2.4GHz radio complement and a indication has been underneath construction for about 8 months, all glue is from ZAP.


The wings are lonesome with fiberglass cloth and ZAP resin.  This has an organic cockpit canopy, flaps, Nav lights.  The control surfaces are lonesome with fabric and have stitched ribs.  The paint is all from Tamiya.


P.J. comments that he was carrying a tough time anticipating a good paint intrigue and Frank Tiano not usually gave him a good scale pilot, though also sent him a ton of support for a plane. He was going to do a same one a prolonged time ago and never got around to it. Many people do his plane, though not his initial one. He went by several 109s during WWII.

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