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Precision Scale Stinson SR-5E with giveaway 3-view drawings

When it comes to scale subjects, zero is so appealing as a classical theme from a Golden Age of Aviation. Ron Peterka has an extraordinary Subject that will shortly be featured as a Construction essay in Model Airplane News, his extraordinary Stinson SR-5E.

SR-5  Ron Peterka

This 1:5 scale indication of Stinson “Reliant N-14187 is, in a way, a commemorative to Tom Laurie who spent 10 years restoring a selected 1934-35 Stinson to a esteem winning aircraft.  He was a indication builder who wanted a full-scale plan even yet he didn’t have a pilot’s permit or an A P license.  He never did get his pilot’s permit and had to have a rated commander fly his fantastic replacement to Oshkosh for a 1984 EAA gathering where he won Grand Champion – Antique.

Ron Pin Striping

If we confirm to build this indication for probable competition, we should collect all a support we can find before starting construction.  A good print container is accessible from *Bob Banka’s aircraft support service.  Model Airplane News was kind adequate to offer giveaway downloadable 3-view drawings of a SR-5 by W. A. Wylam that are impossibly useful and really closely compare a measurements taken from a full-scale aircraft.

Just click for piece 1

Just Click for sheet2

Once a sketch is manifest right click to save a high fortitude version.

A good essay on this aircraft was printed in a Nov. 1984 emanate of a *Sport Aviation repository of a E.A.A.  There are good photos and information there.

3/4 Frt  N14187  1:5

This is a pointing scale indication and requires modernized building skills so this essay will usually cover special areas of building.   All materials are straightforwardly accessible balsa, ply, and fiberglass.  A list of vendors for specialized pieces will be found separately.   The covering and paint we used is a Stits Process that matches a materials used on a full-scale aircraft as remarkable in a aircraft logbooks.

1_5 Engine_Prop_Cowl detail

My finished indication weighs in during 25 pounds powered by a Zenoah G-26 engine and flies really scale like during half throttle, nonetheless it tends to boyant a bit, and a flaps are not utterly as absolute as we competence expect.  This is good, since a indication tends not to balloon when flaps are practical in flight.  The horiz. Stab. and conveyor are lengthened 5% for improved moody fortitude as authorised by USSMA rules.


My efforts to build a pointing scale indication were helped by carrying a Stinson on arrangement during a San Diego Aerospace Museum accessory hangars during Gillespie Field where we could stand in and around to magnitude and sketch each detail, inside and out.  Several months of drawing, and redrawing, gave me a set of construction drawings and we began construction.

Tail circle detail

From a commencement we wanted a scale sprung alighting rigging rotating around a indicate that was outboard of a fuselage side so we indeed built a alighting rigging public before carrying anything to put it into.  The procedure is built adult of manipulate and piece aluminum with rigging legs done adult by *TNT Landing Gear Products in Swanton OH.  They have a apparatus to cut and hook a ¼” thick aluminum leg blanks to a specs on a skeleton during a reasonable price.

3?4 Frt L on ground

Construction Photos and Scale Detail Gallery

Gallery Stinson Reliant SR5E Peterka

3/4 FR Finished Model 3/4 front left framed detail 3/4 Frt R on ground Clay Patterns for Strut fairings Cowl before to glassing 'slots' Cowl/eng Frt View II Cutting F/Glass for Wing/Fuse Cover dsc_0143-jpg-ron-peterkas-stinson-sr-5-by-ken-a-young dsc_0253-jpg-ron-peterkas-stinson-sr-5-by-ken-a-young Elevator Bottom Uncovered Equipment Bay II Finshed Fuse in Shop Flap Assy, - Uncovered Frt 1/2 L Side Cosnt Detail Fuse Tail Section Panel detail Fuselage in Shop - Rear Horiz Stab/Rudder - Uncovered IMG_0020.JPG L Side Full  N-14187 L Wing Bottom Surface


Wingspan   98 inches

Length         64 inches

Weight        26 pounds

Wing Area       1550 Sq. Inches   10.7 Sq. Ft.

Wing loading      approx 38 oz./sq.ft.

Power required     2.25 to 3.0 HP

Radio Required (with on-board choke)   7 channel 6 high torque servos, 2 std. servos

Gear Used

Radio:  –  Tx Futaba T10CAP, Rcvr  Futaba R6014HS 14 ch

Servos: –  Total 9 servo EL, RUD, AIL-2, FLAPS -2, Tail whl  HI TORQUE (Fut S3010 )TH CK  – Fut S148

Engine: –  Zenoah G-26,  26 cc disp., Magneto,

Prop:  –  APC 17×8  Turns 7800-7900rpm  static,  ½ stifle @ cruise

Dummy engine: Frank Tiano Ent. (FTE)

Landing Gear:  –  TNT Landing Gear (custom)

Batteries:  Dual batteries with battery devotee system.  Dual sw chg ports

3/4 FR in-Flight

When finished a rigging is sprung, adjustable, and operates in a scale demeanour with a wheels true on a ground, unresolved with disastrous cove in flight, and still carrying adequate transformation to catch alighting shocks.  Very realistic.  If we confirm to simplify, we would advise a one-piece rigging with a complicated plywood support fluctuating outboard above a rigging to force a rigging to flex around a scale location. This would reinstate a whole open assembly.

In Flight photo

A *Zenoah G-26 gas burner provides plenty energy for picturesque moody during half-throttle and a 20 oz tank will give we tighten to 25 mins moody time. The engine cover on my indication is a mutated cowl
from *Fiberglass-Specialties as used on a Top Flite SR-9  Gull Wing Stinson.

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