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Servoless Bomb-Drop from E-flite

OK, it’s unequivocally called a cargo recover mechanism, and it plugs directly into your receiver. It is a ideal resolution for scale modelers who wish automatic options like dump tank and explosve dump duty on your scale plane.


For reduction than $25, a section plugs directly into a receiver regulating customary servo connectors, and we can bond and control mixed mechanisms with a singular radio channel. They can be used with several settings iincluding one-by-one and automatic check modes. The units facilities both electronic and primer release features and it is prepared to use true out of a package and is really easy to install.

EF 1

The E-flite servoless cargo recover enables we to dump a singular cargo while in flight, or enables we to use mixed inclination to dump mixed payloads regulating usually one channel on your receiver. The primer release lever allows discerning reloading but branch on your radio.

It can also be used as a draw recover for sailplanes.

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