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Incredible Scratch-Built Rotary Engine

Andy Johnston contingency take his RC displaying really severely … because else would he spend over 3 years building a true-to-scale, rotary Bentley engine spending another 2 years building an Avro 504K from plans, privately for a engine?  The 9-cylinder powerplant has cast-iron liners that are 1mm thick, aluminum finned barrels and a sum of 347cc banishment for a operation of 700 to 3500rpm with a 25.5×23 column that has a scale blade shape.  The engine spins, only like a full-size counterpart! The Avro 504K is lengthened to 27% scale  from 1/4-scale David Boddington skeleton and has a 116-inch wingspan. It is lonesome in linen solartex and has freehand markings. Andy notes, “The Avro was designed around a Bentley with a sustenance for exchanging it for a Zenoah 62. The Avro’s lass moody was on 31st Mar 2012 with a 62 (and 3kg lead adult front, a disproportion in weight between it and a Bentley) to infer a airframe and it was a good success so a serve 6 flights were done to finish a CAA tests on that day before creation a barter and serve tests. The Bentley engine build started in Aug 2004, it’s exam run was 9th Jan 2008 and a lass moody in a Avro was 6th Apr 2012. There are no conspicuous effects of gyroscopic precession from a rotating Bentley inspiring a doing unduly, only a slight disproportion in left and right that might be due to torque and a coarse-pitch propeller. Twenty-two flights with Bentley to date.” Enjoy this video, pleasantness of tbobborap1, a videographer crony opposite a pond.

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