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Sneak Peek: Hobby King 51-inch AT6 Texan

Just a few hide look pix display some of a sum of this cold all froth turn nose warbird. Impressive facilities are 3-section separate flaps, electric retracts, landing- and navigation wingtip lights, and an engine sound complement that’s tied to a stifle by a ESC. It facilities a 2 in. orator that provides, sound for engine start adult and shutdown. Watch for a full examination in a Dec emanate of Model Airplane News.


At 51 inches in camber this Texan is vast adequate to be considerable nonetheless easy to ride entirely assembled.


The retracts come commissioned . They are electrically driven, no servos indispensable or used.

connector junction

Where a outdoor wing panels join a wing core territory is this connector port. The wing lights, strap and aileron servo leads block in and afterwards a outdoor row is slip into place and cumulative with screws. Not a brawny wing spar.

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