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Diamond Hobby/FMS F4U Corsair

We were propitious adequate to get this great-looking scale warbird for examination from Dymond Hobby. Here is a small hide demeanour of a examination by Jason Benson that seemed in this month Model Airplane News.


Diamond Hobby is a North American importer and distributor of FMS Model RC Aircraft. They import a really far-reaching operation of ready-to-fly, EPO froth models. Their models range from scale to sport, and from EDF jets to gliders. They seem to have something for everyone. In this review, we will be holding a demeanour during their new warbird offering, the 1700-millimeter (66.9-inch) F4U-Blue Corsair. This really detailed, scale indication is constructed wholly of EPO foam. It comes pre-painted with molded row lines and scale details. From atmosphere inlets to cooling louvers, it’s all there, molded into a foam.

Diamond_corsair-3230 Diamond_Corsair-3669

The initial thing we beheld when unboxing this indication was a completeness. The part that stranded out a many was a hinging. All surfaces have molded hinge lines. This seems to be really clever and keeps all control surfaces aligned with their stationary counterpart.

Diamond_Corsair-3648 Diamond_Corsair-3726

This craft performs unusually good for any category of warbird. we was very relaxed and gentle drifting this model. If we are looking for a first warbird, we would rarely suggest contacting Diamond Hobby.

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Model: F4U-Blue PNP Corsair

Manufacturer: FMS Model

Distributor: Diamond Hobby (

Type: WW II

Length: 52.2 in.

Wingspan: 66.9 in.

Wing area: 836.25 sq. in.

Weight: 12 lb.

Wing loading: 33.1 oz. /sq. ft.

Motor req’d: Included brushless outrunner

Radio req’d: 6-channel minimum

Price: $459.99



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