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War Bird Day was 24 August

It has been a unequivocally prohibited summer, down here in executive Florida! The feverishness has attacked a unchanging attendees of Indian River Kontrol Society (IRKS), War Bird eventuality from participating in this year’s event.

One advantage of being a Flight-Line Reporter is carrying a eventuality to accommodate some unequivocally cold people. During this event, my introduction to a modeler will leave a durability sense of a male who desired life, people, and a hobby. we met Robert Trinchitella for a initial time during this eventuality and had a best time articulate with him about a models he brought and a passion he had for a hobby. He was a frank chairman to people who took a time to speak and his personal proceed he demonstrated during a review was no different. we felt we met a new friend! It was usually a few days after a event, a bar perceived news of Bob’s remarkable passing.

The following note and necrology was supposing by his brother:

“I found your email residence on Bob’s home computer. It is with a unhappy and complicated heart we am informing we of Bob’s flitting on Wednesday 8-28-1023. Bob was on a business outing in Houma, LA when he suffered a deadly heart attack.”

“Bob was self-employed and owned/operated an engine emporium in Orlando before relocating to Palm Bay to start a new career installing, servicing eye lasers in alloy offices. He had a believe and present to repair, reconstruct any form of engine, vast or small. Bob was a gifted woods craftsman and combined one-of-a kind furniture, storage boxes and fixtures for his several hobbies. He had a good passion for radio tranquil indication airplanes and was good famous in that locus as an upbeat, useful and good-natured crony to all. Bob was always kind,  courteous and who always gave a funniest birthday cards. He is predeceased by his father, William D. Trinchitella and his four-legged long-time companion, Teddy. Bob is survived by his mother, Trudy Trinchitella; brothers Bill (Carol) Trinchitella, Tom Trinchitella, Frank Trinchitella; and sisters:  Linda (Kevin) Weekes and Charlene (Jason) Packard in further to countless nieces and nephews.”

Robert is wiping a P-51,s excess from his face, as Jerry inspects a aricraft for repairs AFTER crashing into Robert!

Robert (Bob) is graphic on a left, with Bruce and Jerry

I usually spent an hour or so with Bob, and looked brazen to saying him again someday during a margin or during one of a bar meetings. Bob will be missed by us all. May God bless!

Below is an comment of a movement and some of a scenes on War Bird Day

Picture this… a 16″ indication P-51 is roughly out of control, well, incited out a commander was outa control.. The craft veers off course, goes behind a flight-line (OMG!!), dives towards a roof of Bob’s van, ricochets off a roof careening into Bob’s face. Talk about embarrassment! Everything is fine though. After all a apologies, we all had a good laugh!


Jerry O'Keffe is unequivocally into examination Bruce put his Spitfire by a paces..

Jerry O’Keffe is unequivocally into examination Bruce put his Spitfire by a paces..

Jerry’s small Pocket-Pooch, Natasha, looks on.


Jerry O'Keefe gives a Spitfire a go!Now it’s Jerry’s turn! Uh oh!!


Really adult there!!! No.. about 10' high off a ground.

Really adult there!!! No.. about 10′ high off a ground.

These small planes fly only like their large brothers!! AS3X creates a difference!


Bob enjoying a object and drifting his L-4


L-4 on a Mission

Bob’s L-4 checking out a area.


Robert Trinchitella taxies his L-4 behind from a mission.

Bob’s L-4 is safely behind on a ground…


P-51 Low pass


Mini P-51

Down right… AWESOME!!



Bob’s P-38 sits out a eventuality with a inadequate starboard engine.

Oh yea, little.... The Pocket-Pooch

Natasha (Jerry’s pocket-pooch) stands guard, safeguarding a “Fighter Pilots” from anyone who dares to hide adult on them!

Bruce binds one of his Micro-Planes

Bruce is seen here giving a final notation “Mission Brief” to a P-51 pilot!



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