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Let’s give thanks!

As we get prepared to applaud Thanksgiving, a thoughts naturally spin to those equipment we couldn’t live without. Here’s a tip 10 list of things of what a editors and contributors of Model Airplane News and Electric Flight conclude having. What RC/modeling innovations are we grateful for?


Almost-ready-to-fly planes. Building is fun, though you’ve got to adore carrying a craft flight-ready in a weekend (or only a few hours)!

  1. Accelerator. Sure, CA dries fast, though it’s even faster with this sorcery spray!
  2. Quadcopters. Big, small, aerobatic, stable, cameras, camera-free … they’re a bees’ knees!
  3. Realistic moody simulators. Finally, a approach to keep your skills adult during a winter!
  4. EPP foamies. Who doesn’t adore a craft that’s scarcely indestructible?
  5. Transmitters with mixes already automatic in.
  6. Brushless motors and LiPo batteries. Fly anywhere, anytime!
  7. In-flight telemetry, generally for battery power.
  8. Electric retracts.
  9. And last, though not slightest … YOU, a best readers on a planet!
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