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Alien Aircraft FunMaster 72 Workshop Build-Along Part 2

Continuing his “from a workshop” hide peek, MAN writer Jerry Smith presents his second installment for a indication builder community! Now that we  have a tail feathers completed, let’s start building a fuselage. The fuselage is unequivocally stout built wholly of 3mm ply. The laser cut tools assent easy public and quick building.  Follow a instructions along with my comments and this vast roomy, stout fuselage will go together with superb engineering by Alien Aircraft.


Before starting to arrange a fuselage there is some basic work to do.  Parts have to be laminated and bulkheads reinforced so we can use them when a time comes.


The dual sides are fabricated with tools and doublers laminated to accept other parts.  The doublers can be laminated with white glue or CA.  we chose Mercury M300 CA for faster building time.  Note there are a right and left side as marked.  The reason for this is that right palm bearing is built in for a motor. Pay courtesy here.


Three bulkheads and a servo tray are commissioned on a left side.  Make certain these are perpendicular to a side. The firewall shown mounted is for a electric version.


The right side is assimilated to a bulkheads with add-on and nick to assure ideal alignment.  This is where laser slicing unequivocally shines with perfection.


The tip behind square is installed.  Notice a lightening holes to keep a tail finish light.  Elevator container is left in place to keep tail post in one square during build.


Bottom square is glued in place squaring adult a fuselage.  This partial extends all a approach to a alighting rigging mount.  Interlocking add-on and container make for ideal fixing with superb engineering by Alien.


Landing rigging mountain assimilated with bottom piece.  1/4” sq. bolster pieces are epoxied to a bottom side of a mountain for additional strength.


Electric acclimatisation glow wall and engine commissioned mountain prepared to install.


Servos mounted with pushrod surrounding temporarily mounted.  we used Hitec HS311 servos for this purposed as endorsed in a manual.


I upheld a pushrod surrounding midst fuselage to discharge flexing providing a stronger push/pull to a control surfaces.


Pushrod casings cancel in supposing slots during back of fuselage.  we practical a small filler to satisfactory them in.  Notice a prosaic mark supposing for a tail circle bracket.


Before finishing a fuselage it is required to implement a wing reason down dowels.  Once a wing is mounted, compare cavalcade a holes with a ¼” drill.  Good meditative by Alien on this one.  Very tough to do if not by compare drilling.


Once a holes are drilled in a wing for peg pins a fuselage can be finished.  There is copiousness of room for a 4 dungeon 5,000 mil battery to be shifted front and abaft to grasp CG.

Stay tuned for some-more minute building tips and techniques entrance soon.

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