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MAN contributors and readers are a crafty bunch, and they’re always entrance adult with easier, some-more fit ways to build and set adult airplanes. Here are 8 seminar tips that we consider you’ll suffer using. Have a tip of your possess you’d like to share? Send us an email during

Simple Pushrod Guide

I don’t always wish to implement a servo to work a throttle on my gasoline engine; in fact, many times I’d rather have a primer choke. The emanate becomes determining a push/pullrod’s plcae so we can work it when a cover is commissioned on a plane. we found a answer in my tools box: an aged nylon control horn. By swelling a hole, we was means to use a engine mountain shaft to secure a control horn to a engine mount, and afterwards use one of a control horn bottom holes as a beam for a pushrod. Since it is done of nylon, there is roughly no attrition and no RF sound to worry a ignition of a engine or receiver. It’s really elementary to make, install, and works really well.

Cheap Sanding Files

Next time we get paint during a hardware store, be certain to get some additional paint stirrers. Glue strips of sandpaper of several grades to any side of a sticks; 3M 77 mist glue works good for this. You can also use sticky-back sandpaper. Now we have combined a collection of useful sandpaper files! we find it’s also useful to symbol a sandpaper courage on a hoop of a hang for easy reference.

After a Delivery

Don’t chuck divided those pizza boxes — they make good circle chocks when transporting your favorite fuselage. Just cut holes to fit a tires —the craft distance is usually singular to a camber of a pizza box. If we have carpet, such has a behind of a automobile or a van, use some hook-and-loop tie to keep a box and craft fuselage in one spot.

Parting Trick

The protecting subsidy on some covering films can be formidable to detached during first. A frame of masking fasten practical to any side of a covering creates a hoop on that to lift a sheets apart. Once we try it, we will never go behind to separating them with your fingernails.


Replace damaged dowels and screws

By regulating a hollowed-out cavalcade bit, we can mislay a damaged peg such as one used in a streamer corner of a wing. First, find a square of steel tube that can slip over a damaged dowel. File slicing teeth in one finish of a tube and afterwards insert a other finish in your drill. Use this to “core out” a damaged stub. Use this same process to mislay broken-off screws. Now only glue in a incomparable peg and adjust a mating distance hole or silt a peg flush with a surrounding area and re-dill for a same distance peg we removed.


Powering adult moody boxes

I’m flattering good during remembering to assign all before streamer to a field, transmitters, receivers, etc. However, we mostly disremember a moody box given it doesn’t need to be charged each time. This also means it’s passed when we indispensable it most. My resolution was a “cigarette lighter plug” connected into a moody box. Now we can only block it into a automobile while pushing to or from a drifting field. It is always charged and prepared to go — problem solved!


Little screws, large trouble

I suspicion of this pretence when putting a really small and really tough to hoop small screws into my Cub hubcaps. First we used a span of tweezers, though a screws were tough to hoop and would dump and tumble off my dais onto a floor. we would spend some-more time looking for them afterwards it would take to implement them. Then we placed a screws into a holes and put a square of pure fasten over them. This would reason them there while we placed a hubcap down onto a tire. Now we can simply start a screw by poking a screwdriver by a fasten and branch them. This worked really good and will work on any small screws that need to be put into a pre-drilled hole.

Transparent labels

You never know when your indication competence get divided from you, and per AMA rules, we need to have an residence tag inside a plane. You also wish a tag nearby your charging jack with a distance and form of moody battery we have installed. If we don’t have a tag maker, here is a elementary approach to make a pure label. Using a ballpoint pen, write on a glue side of a tape. The pretence is to write backward, that is not as tough as we think. When we insert a tag to a model, each word will review rightly and be stable from a elements.


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