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How to: Make a Sliding Canopy

Like many scale modelers, we simply can’t leave good adequate alone and we mostly find myself  meditative of ways to urge a scale project. With a ESM ARF Corsair as a bottom model, we suspicion we would give it a finish makeover and supplement lots of sum and special features. The shifting canopy is one of a several underling projects we combined to a batch aeroplane and this is how we did it! The ESM ARF comes finished as a famous float of WW2 Ace Ira Kepford.


 Article and photos by Sean McHale

However, we had always been meddlesome in a exploits of USMC flier Gregory ‘Pappy’ Boyington, and motionless to finish a craft in his markings. Nothing can hurt a coming of a scale indication faster than a cockpit blank of a pilot, generally when it’s in a air. Fortunately for me Lyle Vasser of Best Pilots offer a really picturesque 1/5-scale Pappy Boyington figure and he fits in place nicely.


Here’s a Starting Point of a ARF Corsair

The ESM pack comes with a molded-in building permitting for usually a commander bust though we cut it divided to commissioned a full-depth abyss cockpit. we used a tools from a Ty’s Models cockpit kit, accessible from VQ Warbirds, to supplement a small additional fact to Pappy’s “office.” With all that taken caring of, it was time to work on a canopy.


I felt it was a contrition to censor my scale Pappy underneath a full canopy so for this plan we wanted a canopy to be functional. In a past we have usually ever done canopies open manually, though for a Corsair, we went a additional mile and make a canopy open with my transmitter.

The canopy alone is really groundless and crisp and using it underneath comfortable H2O before slicing helps palliate trimming. we wasn’t assured that it would reason adult so we systematic a deputy from VQ Warbirds that is matching in distance and shape. we indispensable to prop a canopy support so it would reason a figure while opening and closing. Using a original, un-cut ESM canopy, we taped it to a fuselage and done a elementary outmost balsa support to keep a canopy’s figure once we private it from a fuselage.


External Bracing in place

I afterwards private a balsa cradle and canopy from a fuselage and sprayed a inside with some concept mold release. we afterwards laid in dual layers of CO fiber cloth and authorised a glue to heal overnight. After popping it out of a canopy, it was embellished to figure and became a ideal inner support for my shifting canopy.


A small mist of mold recover inside a canopy prevents a layup from adhering in place.


After a creosote cures, a CO fiber support pops right out.


Nice and well-spoken and it fits a canopy figure perfectly.


Carbon fiber horizon cut to shape.

For a beam rails, we used some slotted block coronet rails and delicately commissioned them in a fuselage sides and along a inside corner of a cockpit opening. Ball links are used to constraint canopy inside a rail and allows it to pierce with a use of a single, long-stroke atmosphere cylinder located brazen of a instrument panel.


Guide Rails done from KS Square Brass Tubes slotted with a Moto-Tool and Cutoff disk.


Guide Rails in position.

This arrangement gives a “push to open” and a “pull to close” operation. we cut a CO fiber support to figure with a Moto-Tool and a cut-off front and afterwards we glued a transparent canopy to a inside of a frame. The canopy be private from a rails by unscrewing a round links that pass by a frames.


If we had some-more channels on my conductor I’d put a canopy duty on a possess switch.  At a time we built a model, we usually had an 8-channel radio so we slaved a canopy duty off a strap channel with a Y-harness.


Internal Drive setup to open and tighten Canopy.

I set it adult so canopy does not open during landings (with one nick of flaps dialed in.) The indication doesn’t need full strap to land. After alighting we supplement another nick of flaps and a canopy sides open. The flaps do pierce down a small bit some-more though it usually on a belligerent and does not impact anything else. With a 10-channel radio, it would be elementary to allot a canopy duty to a possess channel and open it on command.


Which approach to a front!?

Having this bit of animation combined to any scale craft severely increases it realism and sends a “Wow Factor” right off a charts. For a small bit of work, we get a lot of attention. Give it a try, you’re buddies will be amazed!

opener inset Canopy sealed 14

Canopy all buttoned up, prepared for takeoff.


Doesn’t demeanour like an ARF anymore! Weathering helps a lot too!



Best Pilots:


VQ Warbirds:


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