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Video Tip: Proper Care of Inflatable Tires

Air filled indication aeroplane tires are not steel belted or as firm as vehicle tires and can simply be over-inflated.  They are durable and can yield many landings and years of use if we take simple caring of them.


To inflate, acquire a tiny sports round (basketball/football) palm siphon (do not use a compressor or electric pump).  Slide a square of middle sized silicone fuel tubing over a siphon connection that inserts into a balls for inflation.  On a other finish of a tubing, insert a tire inflator.  Next, thread a inflator into a valve in a tire being clever not to pull a valve inside a tire.


Once complete, give 1-2 tiny bursts of atmosphere from a pump.  When complete, immediately splash off a tubing to stop a atmosphere from withdrawal a tire and unscrew a inflator from a tire.  To endorse a tire is arrogant properly, take all aircraft weight off a tire and magnitude a diameter. You should be tighten to a tire’s advertised distance when scrupulously inflated.


NOTE: For longest life, do not store aircraft with weight on a tires, rouse a craft so a tires are not holding a aircraft weight during all.

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