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Only a few Weekends Left – Get out there and Fly Something!

Wow, usually a few days and it will be October! So be certain to take advantage of a good drifting continue foresee for this weekend! When it comes to formulating RC aviation, it doesn’t matter what we fly, as prolonged as we fly something. And be certain to do it safely with a assistance of a drifting crony as your spotter. Contact! Prepare for departure! And have fun!


Enjoy a cold frail atmosphere on a morning flight, or…

Capture1 (3)

Hang out with friends during a internal drifting field, or…

sb.engine palm start

Put in one some-more moody before putting your scale craft divided for a winter, or….


Help a crony dial in their new plane.

Be protected and have fun drifting your RC airplanes.


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