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Castle Creations Talon HV 120

The initial entrance in a Talon HV Series, Talon HV 120, has a energy in all a right places, and a looks to match. The initial high voltage controller to come out of a Castle bureau with a built-in BEC deserves zero though a biggest BEC we could muster. No some-more reaching for an outmost BEC or messing with additional wiring. At a heart of this powerhouse sits a 20A peak** BEC with selectable 6v or 8v outlay voltage. With a voltage submit operation from 3S to 12S LiPo, and a 120A* continual amperage capability, it’s able of adult to 6000W of continual energy for a far-reaching accumulation of heli and bound wing applications. Its neat aluminum box not usually ensures your Talon HV stays cold during high energy direct situations, though also looks a partial while doing it. For those seeking best cooling performance, we are charity a 40mm fan accessory, it is endorsed for set ups with low airflow, such as underneath canopies or in a fuselage. Talon HV users will have entrance to a attention heading program functions and USB programming capability around Castle Link USB adapter***. (Coupon for giveaway Castle Link included).

Talon HV 120 pumps out all this energy for a sell cost of usually $235.00 – reward energy and opening during a rival price! The “cool” 40mm fan appendage can be combined to your setup for usually $12.99.


Retail price: $235.00
Item number: 010-0131-00
Input voltage: MIN: 3S LiPo, MAX: 12S LiPo
Max continual amperage during full throttle: 120 amps*
BEC voltage (voltage regulator for powering radio and servos): User selectable choice of 6 or 8 volts output
BEC output:    20 amp peak**, 10 amp continuous
Dimensions: Width: 2.01″ (51.1mm), Length: 3.81″ (96.8mm), Depth: 0.80″ (20.4mm)
Weight: 6.56 oz. (186g) with 150mm wires and no battery connector
Connectors: Built-in 5.5mm womanlike bullets, relating 5.5mm masculine bullets included, battery connector sole separately.
Items indispensable for operation or installation: Battery connector (not included)
Programmability: Fully programmable Castle underline set regulating Castle Link USB adapter (coupon for giveaway Castle Link adapter enclosed in package) and openly downloadable Castle Link Windows software.

*RC HOBBY APPLICATION RATING: 120 amps for a generation of a singular 10,000 mAh battery container with a ESC in hit with a 5 mph airflow of 25C (77F) or cooler air. Controller heat contingency never surpass 100C (212F). Exceeding stream or heat ratings might repairs components and might digest a life of a ESC. Always determine complement stream pull during full-throttle. Decrease bucket or boost airflow to diminution a ESC’s handling temperature.

** Peak indicates a stream turn tolerable for a generation of a standard servo’s transitory stream loads. Your setup might vary. Always endorse servo stream pull before a initial moody of a model.

*** Remove BEC Power handle from receiver before joining to Castle Link.

Gallery Castle Creations Talon HV 120

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