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LRP MonsterHornet 2.0 540mm Coaxial Helicopter RTF

Its coaxial pattern creates a MonsterHornet 2.0 intensely easy to fly. Due to a impressing size, it is THE eye-catcher. This indoor helicopter indication is already entirely fabricated and bureau tested. The finish set* consists of helicopter, 2.4GHz transmitter, LiPo battery, charger, and gangling rotor blades. Everything is prepared to start. Due to a counter-rotating rotors, a MonsterHornet 2.0 facilities superb moody stability. An additional tail rotor with rigging insurance supports a doing of a helicopter and creates drifting intensely easy. Furthermore, we can switch a indication to a training mode specifically set adult for beginners. The indication is intensely strong due to a special rotor blades and a stretchable alighting skids. So, it is also means to catch some tough hold downs. The control functions up/down, forward/backward, and spin left/right make a MonsterHornet 2.0 accurate to drive – like a genuine helicopter, notwithstanding a large size.


  • RTF – Ready to fly – Fully fabricated and prepared to fly
  • Factory tuned and tested – 100% peculiarity control
  • Complete set* – Includes: Helicopter, 2.4GHz
  • FHSS transmitter, battery, charger, gangling rotor blades
  • Easy to fly – Perfect for beginners
  • Crash resistant pattern – Nearly indestructible due to stretchable rotor blades and alighting skid, strong construction
  • Training mode for easy flying
  • 3-channel digital proportional 2.4 GHz FHSS control
  • Stylish LED position lights
  • Flight fortitude complement for easy flying
  • Built-in gyro for ideal moody control
  • Impressive monster-size
  • Super lightweight mainframe
  • Realistic moody characteristics
  • Long moody time for limit fun
  • Rear rotor with rigging protection

Technical Data:

Rotor diameter: 540mm
Length: 640mm
Weight: 570g
Battery: 7.4V – 1500mAh Li-Ion
Channels: 3
Control functions: up/down, spin left/right, forward/backward
Gyro: yes
Training mode: yes
Transmitter: 2.4GHz

* 8xAA batteries for a conductor not included


Gallery LRP MonsterHornet 2.0 540mm Coaxial Helicopter RTF

LRP MonsterHornet 2.0 540mm Coaxial Helicopter RTF LRP MonsterHornet 2.0 540mm Coaxial Helicopter RTF

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