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Road to Top Gun — Stephen Thomas — Ralle Morain

Our good crony Stephen Thomas checked in with us and we learn that he will be bringing his considerable 1/3 scale Ralle Morain again to contest during Top Gun.
With an large 158-inch wing camber and a weight of 55 lbs., a Morain is tranquil by a  JETI 16 channel radio system.  The easily minute combination aircraft is powered by and absolute 3w 150cc twin gasoline engine branch a Xoar 29×10 beech timber propeller. Since final year Stephen has combined an amazingly detailed
scale cockpit and aspect details. The municipal aeroplane is painted with enamel paints only like a full distance and a indication is formed on a full-size craft handling out of le Fertalais France. Stephen says he’s put a lot of hang time in with this considerable entrance and hopes to do good this year.
Steve T

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