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Road to Top Gun – Tommy Yates A-4 Skyhawk

If we remember a good aviation film Top Gun, afterwards you’ll remember a scenes where Maverick and Goose, while drifting their F-14 Tomcat, learn their lessons while confronting off opposite a seasoned instructors. After withdrawal “Ice Man” (his wingman), Tom Cruise chases his aim usually to get “shot out of a sky” by Viper, who’s drifting a nimble McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.


Tommy Yates of Florence, AL, will be drifting his Skyhawk during Top Gun this year built from a BMV/Skymaster kit. All dolled adult in a intrigue from a Vietnam War epoch Tommy’s jet is powered by a Kingtech 140 turbine engine and is tranquil with a Spektrum DX18 radio system. Tommy has combined a Deamon Cortex gyro complement to assistance well-spoken things out. As of this essay Tommy is still available good continue for deployment of exam flights.


The A-4 sports pointed weathering that has been finished with pastel chalks and an airbrush, afterwards hermetic adult with a satin transparent coat.

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