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Road to Top Gun — Mike Barbee — Grumman FM-2 Wildcat — Update

No foreigner to scale foe or a Top Gun Scale Invitational, Mike Barbee has been very busy in his workshop in swell putting together his newest Top Gun foe machine, a Grumman FM-2 Wildcat.


The stubby warbird is 30% scale, has a wingspan is 142 inches and a length of 94 inches. The alighting rigging is scale in function, is electric and facilities a sequence expostulate only like a full-scale warbird, (minus a palm crank). Mike’s engine is a 3W 240cc twin cylinder engine with twin hint ignition. The paint is all Klass Kote and Mike says that this is his initial ever camo paint job. The radio is a Futaba 18MZ with a S-Bus complement determining a servos. Operational features include a shifting canopy, organic tail offshoot and a tank drop. Mike also gives a lot of interjection for profitable assistance offering from Greg B. from a Fighter museum in England.


The retractable alighting rigging started as Robart section that were a set Bob Walker had done for a initial Wildcat pulled from Bob Patton’s molds. we propitious them adult with Frigelli servos though a tough partial was anticipating a scold rigging ratio for a sequence drive. Most of a tools came from McMaster Carr.


A apart 12 volt A123 battery and switch from Electro Dynamics expostulate a retracts. The scale wheels have brakes and 8-inch hole tires, that Mike contend he carried from a powered circle chair.



Gallery MB Wildcat

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