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400cc Chinese Air Force Yak

This Yak 11 is powered by a Moki 400cc radial and 38 x 18 prop! The 50-pound aerobat is an Airworld indication that’s designed for 250cc power, though strengthened to handle the 400cc Moki. Pilot and owners Ali Machinchy notes that a craft was built and embellished by Phil Noel during Pinnacle Aviation and has a scale paint scheme from a Chinese Air Force. Ali adds, “The craft is though a doubt a best warbird that we have ever owned. we have had incomparable some-more considerable ones, though nothing that parasite as many boxes as this. Its large adequate to make an impression. Yet tiny adequate to be easy to handle. It can fly like a warbird, or a Reno racer. Its super clever nonetheless plain and predictable. Its one of those singular cases that if we were to sell it, or remove it. we would be grouping another a really subsequent day!” It sure is a beauty, and we appreciate Pete and Dean Coxon for sharpened this good video and pity it on YouTube.

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