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Top Gun 2015 — Top Static Scores with Video Highlights

When it comes to foe in any scale event, your acquire your final measure from dual categories, your moody scores and your immobile scale score. It is here, on a judging list that modelers have a many control. Basically we put together your support package and afterwards we build and paint your aeroplane to review a docs. It is all in your hands, a judges review your indication to a support we give them. Serious competitors take a suggestions from a judges and work to repair a mistakes on their indication solemnly operative their approach adult to aloft and aloft immobile scores. Who were a best in their category this year for scale fidelity?

Class                  Sponsor                Modeler                 Aircraft                Static Score

Masters              ZAP GLUE            Jeff Foley               BF-109E              97.917

Masters 2nd HS

Expert               FLY RC                 Jack Diaz                Fouga                     99.167

Jack Diaz

Team             RC SPORT FLYER    Graham Mears   T-33                         97.417

Team winner

Unlimited     MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS       Team Rudy                      96.167



Bob Curry, Top Gun Static Scale Judge– “Match your indication to your documentation, not a other approach around.”

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