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Just in! Blade Chroma Flying Camera Quadcopter

Wow! We only perceived a examination representation of a new, tip of a Blade line of quadcopters a Chroma. Including a ST 10+ radio/controller with Android list and handling system, a Chroma breaks by a “quadcopter with a camera attached” difficulty and enables we to indeed combine on a photos and videos we fire and forget about drifting and determining a quadcopter.



The Chroma is so full of facilities it’s extraordinary including apart switches to control a camera angle as good as fire photos and spin a video record on and off. (Above, any video perplexity is from my YouTube channel, as a strange video is silky smooth!)


Without even reading a instructions, we simply charged a radio and a moody battery and headed out to a Air Age parking lot for a exam hop. Here’s a video we shot. we was vacant during a fortitude of a Chroma and was indeed means to totally forget about a quadcopter while we was framing a video and photos. And a video clarity and fortitude is awesome.


That’s Model Airplane News’ AC unit! Just to uncover we a clarity of a photos. This image was shot during about 45 feet away.

Watch for a examination on this new drifting camera in a destiny emanate of MAN entrance soon!

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