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Workshop Tip – How To Rebuild a Du-Bro Fueling Valve Fitting

Over time, fueling valve fitting like those from Du-Bro can turn infested with waste even if we use an inline fuel filter. Internally, a fueling valves’ O-rings can dry debase and start to destroy over time. Du-Bro even sells a reconstruct pack to make a pursuit of restoring your fueling valve to tip operative condition. Here is a brief Workshop video display how to reconstruct we Du-Bro Fuel fitting.

This simple, though really critical maintenance task will extend a life and urge your fuel system performance.  and this will means we problems.  The reconstruct pack can make your gas or heat fueling valve work like new.  It is really easy to dismantle a valves and reinstall a new components if we watch this video.

How To Rebuild a Dubro Fuel Fitting

(Above) a Red Filling Valve public is for Gasoline fuel systems.

How To Rebuild a Dubro Fuel Fitting

(Above) a Silver Filling Valve public is for Glow fuel systems. Both are really easy to renovate with a Du-Bro Rebuild kit.

For some-more information on Du-Bro hobby products, go to:

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