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Futaba 18SZA 2.4GHz R7008SB Radio System

An impossibly worldly 18-channel marvel, a 18SZ is ideal for pro pilots and weekend wingers alike. It offers all a functions, features, and moody conditions of top-of-the-line systems during roughly a third of a price*.

Leading off a list of facilities is fulltelemetry function. The 18SZ is set adult to accept temperature, RPM, altitude, GPS, voltage, current, and information logging telemetry information, gripping we some-more firmly riveted to your aircraft than ever before. And, a discerning full touchscreen arrangement and endless moody times make it a radio each critical commander needs during a field. Visit to learn all about it.


  • 4.3 in. full-color fast-processing hold LCD shade for quick, transparent information observation and menu surfing
  • 8 full conditions to customize each moody to your drifting situation
  • Telemetry temperature, RPM, altitude, GPS, voltage, current, and information logging to keep we some-more connected to your indication than ever before
  • Expandable, 30-model inner memory to save your settings for all your aircraft
  • 6.6V 2100mAh LiFe battery for 7 to 8 hours of moody time
  • Telemetry voice messages keep we adult to date on your plane’s critical statistics
  • User-updateable program lets we keep your radio on a slicing edge
  • 2 side levers, 6 digital trims, 8 toggle switches to accommodate each duty we can dream up
  • Speaker and earphone jack for simply heard telemetry announcements


T18SZ transmitter, R7008SB Receiver, 6.6V LiFe battery, switch harness, and mini screwdriver.

FUTK9510 18SZA 2.4GHz R7008SB Air Telemetry. . . . . . . .     $1099.99
FUTK9511 18SZH 2.4GHz R7008SB Heli Telemetry. . . . . . .     $1099.99

Available: Late August


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