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Futaba 6K 6-Channel Computer Radio System

Modelers would be tough pulpy to find another 6-channel radio complement with as many functions as a 6K during a allied price. Telemetry sensors keep pilots present on vicious moody information such as temperature, RPM, altitude, voltage levels and more. S.Bus servos can be automatic by a transmitter, and controls are positioned to be within easy reach. For reserve and doing convenience, a receiver is inside a conductor case. Versions are accessible for both aeroplane and heli control; both come with an R3006SB receiver. With a well-developed versatility, a 6K meets a needs of a far-reaching operation of R/C pilots!

FUTK6100 6K 6-Channel Computer Radio System-Air. $199.99
FUTK6110 6K 6-Channel Computer Radio System-Heli. $199.99

futk6100 - Copy

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