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28th Annual Ottawa Valley Giant Scale Rally

Enjoying nearby ideal continue with probably no wind, 107 registered pilots enjoyed one of a  best drifting weekends of a summer during a Kingston RC Club margin in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The eventuality was on Aug 22-23 2015 and campers started nearing on Wednesday with a parking  lot positively full by a Saturday central start date. By looking during a pit  area, we would consider we were during a satisfactory belligerent with all a people and tents  setup. The drifting started shortly after a pilots assembly and anthems were  sung. Of a good over 200   planes we would have to contend that it was a good brew of all forms on a ground  and in a air. The same went for a pilots. It was good to see that those new  to an eventuality like this were speedy in a atmosphere alongside a veterans.

all pilots

As we have finished in a past, we close down a unchanging flying  during 12 noon  for a organisation print and afterwards this year we let a warbirds perform us with a mass fly accompanied  by a song from a Battle of Britain. It was so good perceived that requests  came in to do it again after Saturday afternoon.



The rest of a day was usually filled with drifting from all  skills of pilots and once again no midair mishaps. The moody line traffic  bosses done of proffer pilots did an superb pursuit of gripping a flight  line orderly examination that pilots followed a correct trade pattern.

At 4:30 we did a shutting ceremonies for a day and  commenced with a commander draws for prizes. The moody line ensign displayed all  a sponsors and this year was generally good supported.  As was  mentioned during a opening pilots meeting, we did so again during a shutting that  each unite on a house represents their promotion dollars during work and  they merit a support when it comes to creation purchases.



For a final few years, we offering an inducement to early  register, and this year’s esteem was a DLE 30 engine of that we had 69 pilots  who took advantage of this giveaway offer. It helps us pre-process your registration and lets we only collect adult your package on attainment and you’re prepared to fly.

The esteem draws were overwhelming and all we had to do  was demeanour during a unite ensign during a moody line and we will see who to thank  for this. I’m certain that some-more will be holding advantage of this next  year.



Our Saturday dusk cooking was once again catered by the  Kingston RC Modelers and they are removing unequivocally good during it. At a hands  of a veteran cook to rouse standards, we know that it is always going  to be good as this year was. BBQ chicken, shelve of ribs, corn on a cob,  baked potato, and salads and dried had a creation of a feast to  remember.


This year was generally notable with a horde margin of  a Kingston RC Modelers celebrating their 50th anniversary. This is  utterly an fulfilment and they unequivocally outdid themselves with a live rope and  not to discuss a ideal continue to go along with it. The song was well  perceived and had several people singing and even some dancing. The whole evening  was a good provide as it was, though being means to applaud one of their founders  and comprehensive pillars of a bar with a 75th birthday reverence was  over a tip and brought romantic tears to many.  A vast expel KRCM  button was given to Rolly Siemonsen  of  that we am certain he will delight for a prolonged time.


I want  to appreciate all a pilots for attending and creation this a premier eventuality that it  has become. we also wish to appreciate all a volunteer’s that helped out to bring  this eventuality together.

Photos by Mr. Goose, Ken Park and Larry Ingram.

Please mark  your calendars for subsequent year as it will be Aug 20 – 21 2016 for some-more information hit Dave Penchuk at:

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