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Sneak Peek — Lowers-Minges LM-1 Reno Racer

Designed and built for a MAN construction essay by Mark Rittinger, a LM-1 racer was a leader of a Designer Scale difficulty during a Toledo RC Expo and trade show. The minute construction essay will be in a Jan 2016 emanate of MAN so stay tuned for more. Here’s what Mark had to contend about his Toledo uncover winner.


“It’s puzzled that some-more than a handful of people have ever listened of a Lowers-Minges LM-1. we detected a 3-view sketch of it in a 1974 “Flying” repository essay about a afterwards up-and-coming Reno Unlimited category racing technologies. Though never built, it was to have been powered by a 500hp Ranger Inverted V 770 V12, nonetheless it usually had a 16.5 feet wingspan.

Fullscale LM1

No discuss was done of methods or materials, though we think it might have been designed to be of timber construction. Small, positively fast, and no doubt a handful to fly, we suspicion it would make a good plea as a model. Was we ever right on that one!

test flight

The LM-1 uses required balsa and lite-ply construction and a froth wing core to speed construction.

Video of First Flight




The indication is designed to be palm launched, both gripping a pattern elementary and lighter but carrying alighting gear.

LM moody 4

It is a really clipped wing pattern so it is easy to hoop and transport.


The skeleton have all a sum indispensable to build this singular never-built full-size Reno Racer.


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