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Create droppable wing tanks

In this how-to, Charles White uses lite-ply, immature floral foam, fiberglass and creosote to make outmost wing tanks fora 1/6-scale TBM Avenger. You can use this process to emanate many aircraft components, such as wing or centerline tanks, bombs and cowls.

After competing during a Nats turn in Pylon Racing for several years, we always enjoyed examination a radio control scale eventuality between pylon racing heats during a Nats.  we even done several trips down to Top Gun to see how a large boys did it.  Now that we have stopped competing in a pylon event, we fast jumped into a eventuality that always drew my tip seductiveness – RC Scale.

Like many rookie scale builders, we started out constructing several Top Flite models and a Vailly Aviation O-1 Bird Dog.  Now we was truly bitten by a scale bug.  Thanks Roy (Vailly Aviation) for all your recommendation and kind difference on a Bird Dog build.  we afterwards motionless to get critical and build a indication that we could contest with so we motionless to build one of my favorite WWII aircraft – a Grumman TBM Avenger.  The sold engineer we select was Charles Kellogg’s TBM Avenger.

As a operative scale choice to a Charlie Kellogg 1/5.79 scale TBM Avenger; we wanted to supplement droppable outmost wing tanks.  A hunt of a commercially accessible wing tanks did not yield a figure or a distance indispensable for a Avenger.  we listened about a use of white foam, resin, strips or layers of fiberglass cloth, and a final acetone rinse to erect cowls and other fiberglass components; however, we ran opposite a cube of immature floral froth in a qualification emporium and we was terribly gratified with a palliate of sanding and utility to this project.  we motionless to take it home and examination with it.  Please note, this things is intensely ethereal so as a aged observant goes: Handle With Care.

I used as a model, a wing tank from a 1/32 scale cosmetic pack of a TBM Avenger.  After holding churned measurements, length, height, circumferences along a length, etc., from a indication tank, we afterwards converted those measurements to prove a construction of a 1/5.79 scale wing tank for a Avenger.

As shown in a photos, regulating a measurements taken, we drew paper tip and side perspective outlines that we eliminated to a 1/8” light ply/balsa support to erect a froth support frames and connection indicate to a wing.   we used a finished outlines to severe cut a floral foam.  Again, slicing and sanding a froth was unbelievably easy so be careful.  Elmer’s yellow timber glue was used to insert a ethereal floral froth to a timber supports.  Gray authority was sprayed (from a can) onto a forged immature floral froth to yield a hardened aspect for a fiberglass pad and creosote to belong to but destroying a forged floral froth figure while a mat/resin is being practical and cured.

Once dry, we afterwards churned some West System and thinned it with ethanol to insert a fiberglass pad to a froth shell.  we used several distance stripes of fiberglass pad to cover a froth shell.  we let a tank heal overnight.  Once a creosote cured, we sanded a pad to get a some-more even surface.  we afterwards churned adult another crater of West System.  This time we combined microballons and totally coated a tank.  Letting that lay over night, we sanded a microballons roughly totally off.  The tank was afterwards cut in half, a immature froth was scooped out and many of a timber support is cut away, to save weight, solely for a plywood partial that will be used to insert a tank to a wing.  The tank halves are afterwards re-glued behind together.  we combined a unnatural join of a tank halves and again authority a tank that now sits available painting.  For scale details, we combined a unnatural tank filler and support mouth along with a fuel line from a tank to a wing.

Hope we have offering another useable construction tip to a scale community.  I’m still training and would certainly suffer conference ways to urge this sold procedure.



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