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Kyosho Warbird Hawker Hurricane GP50 ARF

From Kyosho:

Regarded as rather out-of-date when it was launched, a Hawker Hurricane indeed surpassed a some-more absolute Spitfire in many respects. Perhaps this was simply since some pivotal tools were still done of wood, a out-of-date way, though a ensuing lightweight and strength constructed amiable control and glorious low speed opening desired by many pilots. The Hurricane’s mythological opening during a Battle of Britain is prisoner in this accessible 50-class recreation. With a high acerbity and lightweight of a balsa rib categorical wing and fuselage, and a same 19% thick Clark YH airfoil with a peaceful finish ratio, a judgment of easy-to-fly scale airplanes has been redrawn. Once we are by moody trainers, this Warbird provides a healthy course to your subsequent step adult in indication flying. Optimal core of sobriety is achieved with a customary R/C complement so no weight composition is compulsory to broach a airplane’s nimble moody control. Recreating a challenging character of a original, this Hawker Hurricane is lonesome in deception printed Oracover film and includes special spinner and commander figure with 3D instrument panel. Retractable alighting rigging with built-in cessation and vast area flaps are also versed on a nearby entirely fabricated fuselage that usually requires a brief time for completion. Realistic in coming and moody performance, a Hawker Hurricane creates it easy for anybody to knowledge a disturb of scale atmosphere battle!

Realistic nose figure is satisfied with a erratic engine mountain and slight bearing of engine conduct and scarf for cooling. Covered in high peculiarity Oracover film that is resistant to wrinkling and sagging. Camouflage imitation recreates picturesque finish. Retractable alighting rigging is tranquil by a singular servo and facilities genuine cessation duty that absorbs roughness of a airfield surface. Lightweight and high acerbity balsa structure. Includes fuel tank and silicon tube. Nose cover can be simply non-stop closed. Large strap area is built-in to support effective speed control and lift for softened takeoff and alighting control. Delivers picturesque moody characteristics. In further to commander figure, a cockpit also includes a 3D instrument row for minute realism. Scale spinner also included. Lightweight balsa fuselage, categorical and tail wings in this ARF pack are pre-covered in deception film. Handy 50-class distance delivers picturesque scale feel. Features retractable alighting rigging with enclosed curl open suspension. Features vast area flaps, effective in landings and takes offs. Premium Oracover film with distinguished deception imitation finish is resistant to sag. Pilot figure and 3D instrument row installed. Fuel tank, silicon tube, scale spinner and linkage tools set are included.

ARF Kit Contents:

  • Factory arrange fuselage lonesome in printed film
  • Retractable alighting rigging with built-in suspension
  • Pilot figure (installed)
  • 3D instrument row (installed)
  • Fuel tank
  • Silicone tube
  • Linkage tools set
  • Scale spinner
  • Tires

Required for operation:

  • 6ch (minimum), 8 servo R/C complement for airplanes (including 1 servo for retracts)
  • 2 cycle 46-55, 4 cycle 56-62 engine
  • Fuel, starting tools
  • D11xP6-D13XP7 propeller
  • 200mm Y prolongation cord x 2 for aileron and strap servo
  • 300mm prolongation cord x 2 for aileron
  • 100mm prolongation cord x 1 for retractable alighting rigging servo
  • Weight for composition of core of gravity
  • Sponge sheet
  • Nylon strap
  • Batteries for R/C system

Technical Data:

Length:     1,245mm
Width:     1,520mm
Weight:     3,150g (when installing 4cy56)
Engine:     2 cycle 46-55, 4 cycle 56-62 (sold separately)
Wing Area:     38.9dm2
Wing Load:     81g/dm2
Wing Type:     Clark Y/19%
R/C System:     6ch 8 servo (sold separately)
Propeller:     D11xP6-D13XP7 (sold separately)
Fuell:     290cc

#11871B – $349.99
Kyosho Warbird Hawker Hurricane GP50 ARF (1) Kyosho Warbird Hawker Hurricane GP50 ARF (2) Kyosho Warbird Hawker Hurricane GP50 ARF (3) Kyosho Warbird Hawker Hurricane GP50 ARF (4) Kyosho Warbird Hawker Hurricane GP50 ARF (5) Kyosho Warbird Hawker Hurricane GP50 ARF (6)

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