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Gigantic 17-foot RC Dambuster!

One thing is for sure, a UK has a abounding and sparkling aviation story generally when it comes to WW2. One of a many famous missions flown by a RAF concerned a 4-engine Avro Lancasters that flew Dam Busting missions in Germany. It is no consternation that RC builders and pilots imitate hulk scale RC Dam busters of their own.

This video is pleasantness of tbobborap1 and it highlights MWMwarbirds, a family run group that goes around a UK putting on RC moody demos and displays for a public. The group  first started with a Ziroli B-25 Mitchell powered by twin 3W 42cc closely followed by a Ziroli freebooter powered by a 3W 60cc.


They afterwards assimilated a TJD arrangement group formed in Dartford, Kent and found a selves travelling around a nation putting on even more  public displays of ancestral RC aviation  history. The many considerable uncover craft is their 17-ft. Avro Lancaster that is powered by 4 38cc Zenoah G-38s.


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