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Running Out Of Hobbies? Try Vintage Fishing

Collecting antique fishing tackles and lures has become a popular hobby in the recent years. Aside from the fact that it is comparatively cheaper to collect tackles, a lot of fishing and frog fishing tips and insights can be gathered from studying the history, development and specifications of fishing tackles.

It is interesting to learn that people who are into collecting tackles and lures for fishing have used every means possible just to get any kind of vintage lures that are still not found in their collection. Talk about the conventional means of buying them from garage sales and flea markets, or even by directly asking these lures from older fishermen. Additional sources include going to auctions and other deals just to acquire the following vintage fishing equipment: creek chub fishing tackles, paw paw fishing lures, pflueger fishing lures, etc.

History has it that a major producer of old tackles was created in 1897 by a company called William Shakespeare Jr. Its Shakespeare fishing line include rods, revolution, reels and frogs for several years and even went on to create a reputation for creating the famous fishing reel called Wondereel.

Shakespeare was also the first company to sell rubber frogs for frog-lure fishing in the United States in 1905. No wonder their products had earned positive feedbacks from various Shakespeare fishing reviews all these years.

A lure-producing company called Heddon Lure Company was created in 1894. It didn’t take long until the Heddon fishing tackles became one of the most sought-after brands of lures that speak for their best quality products related to fish catching.

The world’s number one selling propeller-equipped top water lure called Torpedo is produced by Heddon as well as the Heddon Hellbender that have sold more than thirteen million units to date.

There are other major tackle and lure producing companies in the past that had produced items currently sought after by modern day collectors. As this hobby becomes more popular, more brands and types of vintage tackles and lures are expected to be discovered, traded or sold in the market.

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