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Spektrum Alpha-6 AS3X Stability System

From Spektrum:

Whether they possess a Spektrum™ conductor or not, pilots everywhere can now renovate their drifting knowledge with a extended fortitude and pointing that usually AS3X® record can provide.

App or No App, It’s Ready to Go

The Alpha-6™ Stability Box comes with elementary fortitude settings already programmed. A giveaway programming app for mobile inclination and PCs will be accessible should we wish to tailor these settings or daub into modernized functions. But we won’t need a programming app to start enjoying a advantages of AS3X record right away.

Without a app, all we have to do is implement a section as destined and block it in between your receiver and servos. Once you’ve reserved a channel for creation benefit adjustments and finished a elementary setup procession to settle orientation, you’re prepared to go.

Supports Standard PPM and Spektrum SRXL Serial Inputs

The section comes with particular input/output connectors for mixed servos. If, however, we possess a receiver with PPM capabilities or a Spektrum receiver with SRXL output, we can run all your submit channels to a box by a singular connector.

Free Programming App

The giveaway Alpha-6 programming app will make it easy to excellent balance fortitude settings or entrance other modernized features. Versions for PC and iOS or Android mobile inclination will be available.


  • Works with many any manufacturer’s receiver
  • Ideal for all from .40-size competition models to giant-scale aircraft and jets
  • Can be used with or but a giveaway programming app
  • Multiple input/output connectors for particular servos
  • All aluminum case

SPMAS1000 – $179.99

Spektrum Alpha-6 AS3X Stability System (3) Spektrum Alpha-6 AS3X Stability System (2) Spektrum Alpha-6 AS3X Stability System (1)

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