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Spektrum Focal FPV Wireless Headset With Antenna Diversity

From Spektrum:

Once again, Spektrum™ creation leads a approach with a Focal™ FPV headset. It combines a video peculiarity of a reward Fat Shark headset with Wireless Trainer Link record to give Spektrum users an additional dimension of leisure when drifting or pushing FPV.

Wireless Head Tracking and Channel Adjustment

A built-in procedure allows a Focal headset to promulgate with any Spektrum conductor that has Wireless Trainer Link technology. This creates it probable to use conduct tracking but a cord and change camera channels on a fly.

Outstanding Image Quality

Focal users will suffer crisp, transparent 640×480 optics and a ideally proportioned, 32° margin of view. The stretch between a ocular screens – also famous as a Inter-Pupilary Distance – can be practiced to compare a spacing of a user’s eyes.

Antenna Diversity

Depending on a mission, Focal users can optimize headset accepting with long-range antennas, omni-directional antennas or both.

Built for Comfort

Instead of particular eye cups, a headset uses a foam-padded facade for a some-more gentle fit. A built-in cooling fan adds to a comfort during prolonged durations of use and helps forestall a optics from fogging up.


  • Wireless conduct tracking and channel selection
  • 640×480 optics
  • 32° margin of view
  • Adjusts to user’s eye spacing (IPD)
  • Comfortable, foam-padded mask
  • Built-in cooling fan prevents fogging
  • Antenna diversity
  • 2S 1800mAh LiPo battery with LED voltage indicator

SPMVR2500 – $399.99

Spektrum Focal FPV Wireless Headset With Diversity Antenna  (2) Spektrum Focal FPV Wireless Headset With Diversity Antenna  (1)

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