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Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter Mode 2 With AR8000 Receiver

From Spektrum:

Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter Mode 2 With AR8000 Receiver (2) Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter Mode 2 With AR8000 Receiver (3) Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter Mode 2 With AR8000 Receiver (4)

The next-generation DX8 takes 8-channel sophistication to new heights with facilities and capabilities that obscure those of roughly all else in a class. Voice alerts, 250-model memory, wireless trainer, 4 indication forms – we get it all and more.

Diversity Antenna

Using a multiple of straight and plane arrays, a farrago receiver provides glorious insurance opposite polarization blind spots, ensuring your receiver always “sees” a signal.

Programmable Voice Alerts

The DX8 lets we keep tabs on critical functions though ever holding your eyes off what you’re flying. You can procedure voice alerts to call out what moody mode you’ve selected or news telemetry information on demand. If an alarm goes off, we won’t have to demeanour during a conductor arrangement to see what’s happening. The DX8 will tell you.

Wireless Trainer Link

This disdainful Spetkrum record gives DX8 users a ability to wirelessly couple adult with other Spektrum transmitters and specially-equipped Spektrum FPV headsets. Once firm to another conductor or component, ModelMatch™ record will concede a DX8 to re-link though carrying to go by a connect routine again.

With Wireless Trainer Link, we could:

  • Wirelessly ”buddy box” with another DSM2®/DSMX® conductor when training someone to fly.
  • Assign gimbal functions to a 2nd ‘camera’ conductor when drifting a camera worker so we can concentration on avoiding obstacles and progressing visible hit while someone else lines adult a shot.
  • Link with specially-equipped Spektrum FPV headsets to wirelessly control conduct tracking and remotely change video frequencies on a fly.

250-Model Memory

The huge ability of a DX8′s on-board memory means we will rarely, if ever, need to juggle models between conductor memory and your SD card. The indication memory menu is easier to navigate too. Only memory slots with indication settings saved to them will appear. You won’t have to corkscrew by dull slots or pierce models around if one is deleted.

Because a DX8 uses a same AirWare™ procedure as many other Spektrum transmitters, we can share indication setups opposite platforms with roughly any Spektrum pilot.

Fly Smarter with Built-In Telemetry

The built-in telemetry underline gives we real-time information on things like your model’s battery voltage, vigilance quality, engine or engine temperature, airspeed, altitude and more.*

Using a voice warning system, we can procedure a DX8 to tell we when specific telemetry values strech or surpass boundary we define. You can also have it call out a method of telemetry values on approach with a flip of a switch. If we wish to examination telemetry after a flight, a DX8 can be set adult to record a information to a SD card.

*Requires a Spektrum telemetry procedure and telemetry sensors, sole separately.

Includes Full-Range AR8000 Receiver

You can take advantage of all 8 channels right divided with a enclosed AR8000. This 8-channel DSMX® receiver is ideal for all forms of aircraft, from warbirds to 3D helicopters. It’s also concordant with a Spektrum Flight Log and telemetry modules

Programming Features

The DX8 comes with an considerable list of programming facilities that rivals that of most some-more costly transmitters.


  • 10 Wing Types: Normal, Dual Aileron, Flaperon, 1 Aileron 1 Flap, 1 Aileron 2 Flap,
  • 2 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Aileron 2 Flap, Elevon A, Elevon B, 4 Aileron
  • 6 Tail Types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-Tail B, Dual Elevator, Dual Rudder,
  • Dual Rudder/Elevator
  • Aileron, Flaperon, Elevon and V-Tail Differential
  • Flap System with Elevator Compensation
  • 5 Flight Modes
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • 7-Point Throttle Curve
  • Preset Mixes: Elevator-to-Flap, Aileron-to-Rudder, Rudder-to-Aileron/Elevon
  • 10 Programmable Mixes – Select Normal or Curve for Each


  • Gyro and Governor
  • 7-Point Throttle Curve
  • 7-Point Pitch Curve
  • 7-Point Tail Curve
  • 7 Swash Plate Types: Normal, 3-Servo 120°, 3-Servo 135°, 3-Servo 140°, 3-Servo 90°, 4-Servo 90°, 2-Servo 180°
  • 5 Flight Modes, Including Hold
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • Cyclic-to-Throttle and Swashplate Timing Mixes
  • 10 Programmable Mixes – Select Normal or Curve for Each


  • 5 Wing Types: Single Aileron, Dual Aileron, 2 Aileron 1 Flap, 2 Aileron 2 Flap,
  • 4 Aileron 2 Flap
  • 3 Tail Types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-Tail B
  • Motor Throttle Switch Assignment
  • Dual Aileron and V-tail Differential
  • Camber System
  • Camber Preset
  • 10 Flight Modes
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • Preset Mixes: Flap-to-Aileron Curve, Aileron-to-Flap, Aileron-to-Rudder,
  • Elevator-to-Flap
  • 10 Programmable Mixes – Select Normal or Curve for Each


  • Multirotor Channel Inputs – ALT (Altitude), ROL (Roll), PIT (Pitch), YAW
  • Multirotor Checklists, Warnings and Voice Alerts
  • Simplified Multirotor Flight Mode Setup and Switch Assignment


  • Diversity antenna
  • 11ms support rates with able receivers
  • Airplane, heli, sailplane and multirotor programming
  • 250-model inner memory
  • Voice alerts
  • Wireless tutor function
  • Ergonomically designed box with gentle rubber grips
  • Direct entrance to complement setup from duty menu – no need to energy off
  • Large, backlit LCD screen
  • 10 aircraft wing forms and 6 tail types
  • 7 swashplate types
  • 5 sailplane wing forms and 3 tail types
  • Multirotor moody mode setup, checklists and voice alerts
  • Up to 10 sailplane moody modes
  • 5 aeroplane and heli moody modes
  • 10 programmable mixes – normal or 7-point curve
  • Dual aileron, elevon, and V-tail differential
  • 7-point stifle curves for airplanes and helicopters
  • 7-point representation and tail curves for helicopters
  • Includes AR8000 receiver and 12V tellurian energy supply
  • EN328 compatible


# of Channels: 8
Modulation: DSMX
Band: 2.4GHz
Receiver: AR8000
Model Memory: 250
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 2000mAh Li-Ion

SPMR8000 – DX8 Transmitter Only Mode 2 – $299.99
SPM8000 – DX8 Transmitter System MD2 with AR8000 Receiver – $349.99

Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter Mode 2 With AR8000 Receiver (5) Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 DSMX 8-Channel Transmitter Mode 2 With AR8000 Receiver (6)

AR8000 8-Channel DSMX Receiver

The Spektrum™ code is committed to charity receivers to modelers in all categories within a hobby, and a AR8000 receiver is no difference to that commitment. The AR8000 receiver is packaged with industry-leading features, including an impossibly quick input-to-output response with an 11-millisecond support rate when used with able transmitters, 2048 fortitude for ultra-smooth servo transport and a compress footprint creation it ideal for any focus from impassioned 3D to foe helicopter performance.

Always squeeze products from a Horizon Hobby, Inc. certified play to safeguard authentic high-quality Spektrum product. Horizon Hobby, Inc. disclaims all support and guaranty with regards, though not singular to, harmony and opening of tawdry products or products claiming harmony with DSM2®, DSMX® or Spektrum products.

Attention: Horizon Hobby has reliable that all Spektrum Products being sole by KoKo Technology are counterfeit. We cruise it a risk to use these products, relinquish all guilt and will not support any guaranty or use in regards to them.

This product is not dictated for use by children underneath 14 years of age though approach adult supervision.


  • 11 millisecond support rate provides higher speed from hang submit to servo output
  • 2048 fortitude provides well-spoken transition from hang submit to servo movement
  • Flight record and telemetry compatible
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


Type: AR8000 DSMX® high-speed 8-channel receiver
# of Channels: 8
Modulation: DSM2®/DSMX®
Band: 2.4GHz
Length: 1.35 in (34.3mm)
Width: 1.27 in (32.3mm)
Height: 0.45 in (11.4mm)
Weight: 0.33 oz (9.4 g)
Voltage Range: 3.5–9.6V

SPMAR8000 – $129.99

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