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Microaces Aero F2b Prototype #1 Maiden Flight [VIDEO]

From Microaces:

The initial in several iterations of a Microaces Aero Bristol F2b kit.

The lass moody of this antecedent was a success in a fact that it highlighted a few issues with wing warp. 2 categorical issues were obvious. Firstly a paraphernalia handle used had too most widen and also reacted to a high steam of a dusk by lessening off (it had been raining for 2-3 hours). Also partial of a strange paraphernalia was wanting from this antecedent as it was suspicion to be musical only. In fact it would have prevented parallel wing turn that is apparent in some of a video and caused a graphic right wheel.

But all is simply resolvable and a good news is it flies!
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Microaces Aero F2b Prototype #1 Maiden Flight

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