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New Workshop Build-Along — 85-inch Douglas Skyraider — Part 2

The emporium was removing a bit too still so we have started on my new building plan as mentioned earlier, a Douglas A-1J Skyraider. My 85 in. chronicle is formed totally on a pattern by Nick Ziroli. His 100-inch-span Skyraider is a really popular, good drifting warbird, and so we reduced a skeleton by 15% to furnish my plans. we had laser-cut tools constructed by LaserCut USA and systematic all a piece and hang balsa from Balsa USA. As with many of my builds, we like to start on a tail surfaces initial to get into a pitch of things and to see swell done quickly. So we started with a plane stabilizer.


All a tools fit a skeleton precisely. The tail tools are candid and easy to understand.


The stabilizer has a exquisite airfoil figure so all a ribs have building tabs on them so they sojourn true on a building board.

image (3)

The stabilizer goes together really quickly, notice a doubler used during a core of a trailing edge.

image (1)

I built a public by initial pinning a core rib in place and afterwards a tip ribs. we afterwards glued a 1/4-inch block heading edges in place followed by any of a ribs. we afterwards combined a trailing edge. Here one of a bottom spars has been slid into place and we used a shim to make certain a punch set flush in a bottom notches before gluing them in place. we am regulating ZAP CA via a project.

image (2)

After a spars were glued in place, we sanded a tip rib and spars flush and glued in a S9 frame that produces a recess for a conveyor opposite weights.


My favorite apparatus for pleat divided element fast is a Master Airscrew Razor Plane. Works good and uses industrial class blades that final a prolonged time.

And articulate about a tail, we recently perceived a scale tailwheel public and tail-hook from my good crony and scale RC friend Earl Aune. Earl creates these retractable units for Ziroli’s hulk Corsairs and Skyraiders, and he done me a special 15% reduced chronicle for this project. Here a rigging and offshoot are shown on a planes.

1image (1)

1image (3)

Earl’s tailwheel section also retracts brazen only like a genuine thing. The section will need a new plywood former to be installed. It is startle absorbing.

1image (4)

This is a tail-hook connection bracket/mechanism. It will be operated with a servo and a handle pushrod.

you can get in hold with Earl at: . His mailing residence is shown in a print below. Made in a USA!

1image (5)

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