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Massive MiG-29 Fulcrum

This scarcely 1/4-scale MiG-29 is a handiwork of Harold Dowbekin and flown here by Neil Hyde. Neil says, “Harold designed and built a airframe regulating light ply, cypress and G10 covering, with froth core wings again lonesome in G10 (pro skin).  The rigging is all home built, including a cylinders. The legs are gas struts with curl open assistance. we took over a finishing works, painting, wiring and engine designation 3 years ago and a indication initial flew one year ago, after that some modifications were done including Powerbox Royal, Futaba SBus, Grumania bearing tubes, additional fuel tanks and additional atmosphere reservoir. The indication is powered by dual ATJ 170 gas starts and has improved than 1:1 energy to weight ratio. 2016 is a initial year a indication has been shown in open and seems to have been tenderly received.” Thanks to Tbobborap1 for sharing video of this superb jet!

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