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Long Island Dawn Patrol — WW1 RC Giant Scale Event Starts Today!

Today starts one of a best WW1 hulk scale events in a Northeast. The Long Island Skyhawks know how to have fun, and this RC selected eventuality is a must-attend for anyone’s RC bucket list.



Just a spirit of what’s to come. This was taken currently from a trenches by Michael C. Gross!


(above) Mike’s Nieuport 28!

Awards and Prizes are only frosting on a ditch cakes as there’s a large BBQ and oh yea, one of a best drifting margin to be found in a Tri-State area. If we wish to fly your WW1 aeroplane and have a best time of your life doing it, take a Port Jefferson Ferry or leave early and conduct down a L.I. Expressway, it will be good worth it! MAN will be there too so watch for photos entrance soon!


Balloon bust, Bomb Drop and mark landings are all on a goal list, and this is a good approach to use if we are formulation on attending a 50th Rhinebeck Jamboree in September! Most of a Skyhawks are formulation on going! So get a conduct start this weekend!


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