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Spektrum BT1000 Bluetooth Module

From Spektrum:

The Spektrum BT1000 Bluetooth procedure creates programming your Spektrum DXe conductor or AS3X receiver easier and some-more available than ever. Simply block a programmer into your DXe or AS3X receiver, span a programmer to your IOS or Android mobile device and you’re prepared to module your DXe or AS3X receiver wirelessly regulating a DXe or AS3X mobile programming applications.


  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity between your Spektrum DXe conductor and concordant Spektrum AS3X Receivers (AR636, AR6335, AR7350, AR9350)
  • Can be interconnected with IOS and Android Bluetooth versed inclination and PC’s with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Extremely tiny size
  • Built-in LED flashes when in pairing mode and is plain when paired

#SPMBT1000 – $14.99
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