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Snoopy And The Red Baron

Almost nothing brings to mind a less complicated moment in time than old fashioned model airplanes. From the Wright Brothers to Charles Lindbergh, planes, and the pilots that flew them bring to mind feelings of exploration and a nostalgic era. Bringing a bit of this spirit into your home is simple by including model planes crafted by well known model craftsmen at Authentic Models. High quality crafted model planes are handsome and not anything like the old plastic products we used as kids.

You have several design selections to make when including model planes in your décor. The most central choice may be your goal. If you are attracted to a unique time in aviation history, you might focus on model planes that precisely reflect that time. If you are more interested in the history of aviation as a whole, it will be imperative to incorporate several distinctive types of planes in your collection. Finally, your tastes may be a bit more fanciful, leading you to include models of more uncommon planes, or even air balloons or dirigibles.

Authentic Models model planes also come in several different sizes. This allows homeowners to select a reproduction that will sit on a shelf, or may need to be displayed in a larger area. Picking the proper dimension is even more important if you plan to include a group of model planes in your home. Don’t forget that whereas some models simply sit on a desk or shelf, others come with a base and stand, enabling the model to ‘fly’.

The bright red color of the AM USA Fokker Triplane is a stunning addition to anyone interested in aviation history. This model is a replica of Red Baron’s plane. It looks beautiful on its own or in a collection. Many choose to include a simple biplane or another historically accurate model.

Other folks are more interested in a different period of aviation history racing. Present are many well-known speed racers like Jimmy Wedell and Roscoe Turner to name a few. They, and other aces, raced through courses in individually designed planes like the Gee Bee #11.  Anyone engrossed in speed racing should include a model of one of these famous planes.

When deciding on a model plane for your home always remember that quality counts. While it is possible to acquire plastic models that are molded, a better preference is always a crafted replica, like the high quality scale reproductions of Authentic Models. These are not merely more realistic looking, they are also more enduring. Carefully review the materials and structure of all models before making a final choice.

Bringing a bit of the old world into your home is made a lot easier with model planes. Add a small gathering to a bookshelf in a den or suspend several in a still corner of the house to form a unique environment that is filled with history and the spirit it evokes. Model planes can be the finishing touch to just about any room in your home. Aviation history and planes changed the way we live in and the way we communicate and travel. Including a model plane in your house is a romantic way to remember this.

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