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Enjoy Winter Flying — Installing Skis on your RC Airplane

With a winter deteriorate coming, now is a ideal time to extend your drifting deteriorate by adding some Du-Bro easy to implement sleet skis to your RC airplane. In a matter of mins we can make a barter from wheels to skis regulating usually a integrate of common emporium tools. Packaged in singular (Nose Wheel) and Dual (Main Gear) packaging, there’s a set of skis ideal for any RC plane.

Here a seminar tip video to uncover how easy it unequivocally is to fly off of a white stuff!

Photos by MAN writer Ken Park


In use with any competition aeroplane with trike gear, or as shown here with a tail dragger, we can suffer winter drifting simply but most bid in a workshop. Even in comparatively low show, a Du-Bro skis keep your aeroplane going!



Made of imperishable molded plastic, any package includes all a hardware to implement them on your model’s alighting gear.

For some-more information on these and other Du-Bro Products CLICK HERE!



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