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Top 10 Plane Posts of 2016

It’s time for a tip posts of a year! Here, in forward order, are a tip stories from 2016, ranked by their series of views. Missed one? Just click on a print or pretension to go to a strange post.  And as we send a final newsletter of 2016, we wish to appreciate a folks who’ve emailed us feedback or oral to us in chairman during an eventuality or show. Your unrestrained drives a Model Airplane News group to find and post interesting, ominous and (we hope!) fun stories to send out to we each Friday. Here’s to 2017!
10. Super-Size Skyraider

Custom-built by Phil Clarke of Fighter Aces for world-class commander Ali Machinchy, this 30% scale Skyraider is formed on an 80% boost of a 100-inch camber Nick Ziroli plan. Phil notes, “The structure has been heavily mutated to support for a weight and distance boost to concede a indication to be successfully upheld by a Large Model Association Over 20kg Inspection. The 180-inch-span indication weighs in during 182 pounds and is powered by an considerable Moki 400cc 5-cylinder radial.

9. Titanic Triplane
RC Fokker Dr. 1 models don’t get most bigger than this! Expertly flown by world-champion commander Gernot Bruckmann, this 14.5-foot-span aircraft has a seven-cylinder, 820cc Wallach engine in a nose and weighs in during 194 pounds, giving it a pretension of “World’s Largest RC Triplane.” What do we think Herr Von Richthofen would contend about this one? Thanks to RCtothefreak for holding this video during the Modellbaumesse Lindinger airshow.



8. One of a Kind Soviet Bomber Takes Flight
Built and flown by Rainer Mattle, this beast 99-pound indication is powered by 6 15cc ASP gas engines and an electric pusher motor. Built adult from wood, a 16-foot-span craft is also versed with 16 servos, brakes, and steerable nose wheels and can be messy into 6 modules for easier transport. Kalinin K-7 competence be usually what you’re looking for! With a wingspan tighten to that of a B-52, usually one full-size K-7 was ever built, and it crashed after 7 flights due to a tail bang constructional failure, so it’s puzzled you’ll run into another RC chronicle during a subsequent giant-scale fly-in. Thanks to RCHeliJet for holding a video of this beast indication during a new Hausen Am Albis eventuality in Switzerland.


7. Awesome Bomber Landings
Landing a scale warbird can be tricky, generally if it’s a heavy-metal, multi-engine bomber or ride aircraft. In this compilation, a father and son video group of Pete and Dean Coxon prominence some terrific bomber landings they’ve prisoner during RC events via a United Kingdom. Enjoy!


6. Jumbo Jet Takes Flight
This 16-foot-span 747-400 gives new definition to a word “jumbo jet!” In this video, Adi Pitz’s 747-400 scale indication puts on a uncover during a Hausen Flight Day in Switzerland with commander M. Brauer during a controls. The largest craft Adi has ever built, it has over 2,000 hours of work into it! The 747 is powered by 4 Hammer Engines turbines, each with a bearing of 14kg, and it’s tranquil by Weatronic radio gear. The 131-pound hulk has sequenced alighting rigging and is 17.8-feet long. Thanks to RCHeliJet for holding this good video during a Hausen Flight Day 2016 in Switzerland.



5. Indoor 8-Foot-Span A-10
You wouldn’t consider an 8-foot-span aircraft could simply navigate an indoor drifting venue, though commander Daniel Hör creates it demeanour easy with this A-10 Thunderbolt II! Powered by dual Electro Accu ducted fans regulating a 4S 1200mAh LiPo pack, a Depron froth craft uses 12 servos and is versed with an onboard camera. At 1:30 into a video, a large jet slows down to an unbelievably delayed pace! Thanks to RC Media World for holding this video during a Modell-Hobby-Spiel in Leipzig, Germany.

4. NATO Tornado


3. Speedy Green Machine
This singular aircraft is an experimental Jet-Bee is a Gee Bee from CARF models that’s powered by a Frank Turbine FR250. This 1/3.2-scale aircraft uses a Powerbox Mercury SRS and is piloted here by Christian Göbel during a Jetpower Fair recently hold in Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler, Germany. We consider a Granville brothers would be proud!


2. Half-Scale SAAB Jas 39
There’s large and there’s BIG!!! This new RC turbine powered jet aircraft is a work of Frank Schroeder who has posted several images online covering a construction. It is a 1/2-scale Saab JAS 39 Gripen and it is 279.53 inches prolonged and weighs in during an extraordinary 260.15 pounds! With a bearing outlay of 220.46 pounds it has 18 liters (just underneath 5 gallons). Certainly during a top operation of a Large Aircraft Association’s regulations, this extraordinary jet is extraordinary to watch fly. Thanks to Patrice G. for pity this video.

1. Oops! Crash Compilation Video
It happens to a best airplanes, and these cringe-worthy crashes (and near-miraculous saves!) are a sign to all pilots and spectators that there are no guarantees during a drifting field. Thanks to RCScalePlanes for this gathering video.


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